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Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd., which has nearly 40 years’ history of domestic planned timber allocation and 25 years’ history of timber import trade, is one of the top ten enterprises in Wenzhou and one of the leading enterprises in the national timber industries. At present, Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd. has established long-term and good trade relations with dozens of multinational companies and large domestic companies. It mainly imports round logs, timber, nonferrous metals, etc., whose annual trade value exceeds US dollars 100 million, and mainly engages in round logs and timber from Africa, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. Timber export trade, as another growth point of the group, is constantly opening up a new situation. In addition, a branch is also actively engaged in agency business, and it has been highly praised by the agents, because of its good reputation, skilled business ability and perfect services.

From 2002 to 2018, the company have imported timber with the volume of 7.34 million cubic meters, a turnover of more than 15.5 billion yuan, the customs VAT of nearly 2 billion yuan, the local tax of more than 100 million yuan, whose profit is 310 million yuan. The company has also been entitled with “Prize For the Outstanding Contribution of China Forestry Industry” by the State Forestry Administration, and “Wenzhou Import Leading Enterprise” by the Leading Group of Municipal Opening-up Work.

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Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd

Wenzhou Timber Group, whose predecessor is Wenzhou Timber Mill founded in 1952, is a key state-owned company affiliated to Zhejiang Forest and Industry Office. Wenzhou Timber Group Company, a key state-owned company in Wenzhou city, was founded in the May of 1991. It merged with Wenzhou Industry Investment Group under the provisions of the integrative recombination of the state-owned property in the December of 2010. The company achieved reconstruction in the August of 2012 and now has changed the company name into Wenzhou Timber Group Co., Ltd.

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